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Last night, doing more seeking for the zombie mouse smell in Sparkle's room, I picked up a Mr. Potato Head from the floor, and there was a living mouse inside, which bolted around the door and out of it, right into one of my cat's sights.  It darted into the Stuffed Animal Friends pile in the corner of my family room.

Both kitties alertly perked up near the pile, so I decided to assist.  I pulled off stuffed animals from around the bin, and then pulled the bin away quickly.

There was not one mouse in that heap of stuffed friends, but two.  The kitties divided as the mice bolted.  India got one, and carried it downstairs to the basement.  Fine.  (Must remember to check for corpses down there.)  Harley chased hers under the kitchen refrigerator.  The girls appear to be taking turns guarding the kitchen.  Dang it, she missed.  When I open and shut the fridge, I can hear a little scrabble, so I know it's still there.

This has not solved the smell in my daughter's room, dang it!

The Better MouseTrap under the kitchen sink caught one today, though.  Nice to have the smell of death actually go away when the body is properly disposed of, y'know?  

I *will* get to the source and eliminate it.  (Wow.  I sound like a villain from a television show.)

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