Jan. 24th, 2011

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 Today, it being a chilly day, I wore a long, black, empire waisted dress, paired with a long sweater, almost a shawl.

My two classes who are reading Pride and Prejudice both thought I was dressing up like the characters in the book and film in order to keep interest up.  (Not that I am beyond this, but it was actually just a coincidence.  One that I will repeat in the future as a non-coincidence, to engender interest, because it did so very well!)

I asked them if they thought I was more Lady Catherine, or Elizabeth.  Both classes said I was neither; I was Jane.  Sweet Jane, who is so nice and never says a bad word about anybody.  (I'd much rather be a Lizzy, but at least they think I'm nice, and not Lady Catherine!)

I will be viewing the Kiera Knightly film version soon, to compare it to the BBC's Colin Firth's Darcy performance.  We'll see which version I'll use in the future for school.
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 wake up
eat breakfest
Watch TV
Get dress
Get on the bus goto sc hool

Get on the Bus go home
do        homework
eat  dinner
go bed

I love love love getting insight into how Sparkle is thinking.  I am impressed also by her writing, which is more advanced than I thought it was.  Hooray for her hard working teachers!  So much is coming together this year.

I note that Sparkle prefers to wear dresses all of the time.  So, I wonder a bit if she means "get dressed" or actually, "get dress" for dressing.


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