Jan. 28th, 2011

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 One of my English classes studying Pride and Prejudice is an all-guy class.  At the start of the class period, two boys squared off, ready to fight.  Coats were flung to the floor, hats were off, fists were raised, and the cuss words flying.  My staff were headed over to split up the boys, but they wouldn't be in time for the first swing.

"Gawd, guys, don't you want to see what Mr. Darcy does next?" asked one of my students to the squared-off combatants.  There was a long pause, and no one moved.

Then, as one, the two would-be fighters picked up their hats, coats and books, moved to opposite sides of the room, and faced the view screen seating themselves.

I quickly started the movie, and everyone watched, enthralled.  They guys all moaned in disappointment when we ended the story for the day, right before Lady Catherine pays Elizabeth a call...

You could have knocked me over with a feather to see all these guys so really into this movie.  Colin Frith as Darcy is someone with whom they really identify.  And the guys' class "gets" the nuances much better than the girls' class has, who've been much more into the "who's cuter" factor in coupling up.


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