Feb. 12th, 2011

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 Sparkle was a cranky pants this morning, and wailed throughout her morning routine, her swim lesson, and at home.

So, I decided our annual trip out the Ohio State's Museum of Biological Diversity would not happen this year, because dealing with her in this mood in public was a predictable disaster waiting to happen.  This made me a bit pouty, because I look forward to this visit every year with friends.

Now, the temperature outside is 40 degrees.  The sledding hill, in the shade for most of the day, still had snow packed on it.  So, we packed up the kids and the sleds and had what might be the last sledding opportunity for the season, if we don't get more snow this year.  I figured that it's within a mile of home, so even being a bit sick and a bit cranky, if disaster struck, then we could be home in a jiffy.

Dad supervised and pushed at the top of the hill, and I smiled and waved from the picnic benches off to the side at the bottom.  Sparkle allowed herself to have a bit of fun, then got tired, and resumed cranky pants.  She sat with me on the benches, and I had the boys take a sled up for their father to come down upon.

Dino, yelling downhill would have his voice crack high and low as he went.
Irish has a talent for starting face first,  then finishing backwards.

So, I got a chance to get out of the house, and get the kids tuckered out going up and down and up and down and up and down the high sled hill while I sat and relaxed in the sun.  I call this a win, and makes up a bit for my disappointment. 


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