Mar. 19th, 2011

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 Sparkle's spelling words, that is.  "Could" and "must" and others of her word list this week keep popping up on doors and walls in crayon, marker and pencil.  She got a one hundred percent on her test this Friday.  Not a surprise, since she'd been so busy practicing them...

I was washing the bathroom door, scrubbing away at one of her words as Sparkle took a bath.

"What doing, mama?" asks my bubbly and bubble-covered daughter.

"I am scrubbing away a word," I reply.

"I write 'could,' " she says proudly.

"No writing on walls!" I exclaim.  "Say it."  (Sometimes, if I can get Sparkle to repeat a rule, it is somewhat more likely that rule will be followed.  Somewhat.)

Sparkle holds her nose and puts her face in the water "blllloooooo blwittttingg onn threuuu wllllls," she burbles.

"So I can hear you," I say. 

"No writing on walls," Sparkle sighs, above water.

Now, I have embarked on a mission to clean the rust buildup on the shower walls.  I do this a bit at a time.  I recently scrubbed a square, a heart, a triangle and a star clean from the grunge.  Sparkle points at the clean, bright shapes on the tub wall.

:"No writing on the walls, mama," she says, and laughs impudently.  


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