Apr. 29th, 2011

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 This morning, I turned on the television to the NBC coverage of William and Catherine's wedding while we got ready for school.  I rather expected my daughter Sparkle would be cross, as I was preempting her usual morning routine of Nick Jr.  Instead, she was enthralled.

At first, she wanted to know why we were watching church.  I explained how Prince William, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth of England (and Sparkle ran to the map and demanded to know where it was, and I showed her, another win!) was getting married to Catherine.

She sat, riveted by all the pomp and display.  When William and Catherine approached their carriage, Sparkle ran and got out her hot pink Cinderella carriage, and put Prince Charming and Belle (hurriedly dressed in white) from the Disney versions of the Polly Pocket dolls, and rolled them about as the royal couple smiled and waved.  I thought it interesting that Cinderella, the blonde, was dumped from the lineup in order to put Belle, the princess that most resembled Catherine, in the toy carriage.

Sparkle waved back to the TV when a closeup made it look as though Catherine was waving directly to us.

Sparkle was enchanted and happy, and watching her, so was I.


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