May. 1st, 2011

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 Yesterday, I took Sparkle to a birthday party, at which she ran around in many circles until she was breathless and bright red in the face.  On our way to supper after, I rolled down the windows in the car so that my red-hot darling could have a breeze in which to cool off.

Sparkle was enchanted.  She stuck her head out as far as she could reach it belted in, and stuck her hands out and wove them in and out of the wind.  She screamed and shrieked with delight, and was disappointed the back seat windows did not roll down all of the way.

I was startled a bit until I realized that Sparkle sat in the middle row of a minivan most of the time, the windows of which do not roll down.  Usually when she rides in the car, her car seat is in the middle, wedged between her two big brothers.

She'd never ridden in a car next to open windows before, poor deprived child!  The sensory stimulation Sparkle had, and the huge shouts of delight she gave were pretty neat.

I had my own shout of laughter when a car passing on our right had a man and his wife laughing and pointing at our car as they drove past, and I saw looking over at their car, in the rear window, that they had a dog, tongue lolling, with its head out enjoying the breeze.  Ah, our children mirroring each other!  Its long ears flapped, and Sparkle's  ponytails did the same.  The pair of them looked equally happy.

At the end of our ride, Sparkle said "Thank you for cooling me down, wind; you're a good helper!"


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