May. 5th, 2011

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 So, it's confirmed.  I have strep throat.  I currently have no voice.  This seems typical.  Feel weird on Tuesday, Raspy and coughing on Wednesday, no voice, fever, and pain pain pain on Thursday.  With sign language, lip reading, and the obvious cues, communication with my doctor went smoothly.

As my doctor noted, old hat to me, since I've had strep over thirty times in my life.  I heard her through the walls while waiting.

"Judi thinks it's strep?  Well, there's the confirmation of the notification we got this morning from the county that there's a wave of strep.  Yes, I know we have to wait for the swab to cook, but there really isn't much doubt, is there?"

And, of course, it was.

Again, heard on the other side of the door:  "Get the shot ready."  (a pause.)  "Oh, I know she'll take the shot.  As a diabetic, she isn't terrified of needles, and I'm certain that one shot versus swallowing anything will appeal to her."

The shot, taken in the hip, actually hurt a bit.  You realize you've really and truly lost your voice when you open your mouth to yelp an interjection, and nothing comes out.

My kitties went to the vet today as well.  One got her shots.  The other stayed to see whether she has a urinary tract infection, or interstitial cystosis.  She'd been peeing on papers Sparkle left on the floor last night, poor thing.


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