Jun. 4th, 2011

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Today was Sparkle's special needs program End of the Year Picnic.  It was well-run, with parachute games, sack races, water play tables and water balloon slingshot activities.  We hit the gym wall with water balloons, and it was a wonderful seige.  Each splash gave another target to aim for, and a sense of accomplishment, seeing the dark stains on the brick.  The first balloon to soar over the seige wall onto the roof caused us all to roar mightily with satisfaction.

Cheese pizza from Bexley Pizza Plus (one of my favorites from when I lived in an apartment with my best bud K after college) was the main meal, and the adults ate salad, too.  My chocolate chip cookies disappeared more thoroughly than the brownies next to them on the table did, so my inner June Cleaver (clutch those pearls!) was satisfied.  I was surprised to see how many of the autistic kids ignored the soda and the Capri Suns in favor of the bottled water, including my daughter.  Well, good for them.

I helped run the parachute games, with all the silly stunts like marching in circles, and calling out colors of shirts to run under, and doing the wave and all.  Finally, all the kids lay down under the parachute, while the teachers and I fanned the parachute up and down.  "How did we manage to be left doing all of the work?" said the director of the program, laughing.

Several people praised Sparkle's older brothers for their good behavior and willingness to help out with games for the little ones.  Sparkle blew a fit about leaving the blow-up yellow inner tube behind, and didn't want to leave much.  The van's  thermometer read 100 degrees Fahrenheit when we left, and only got down to 95 at freeway speeds.  No wonder we all felt tired!

So naturally, once we arrived home, Sparkle reminded me of my intention to go bike riding with her in tow daily.  She's not going to forget that resolution the day after I've made it, hot or not.  I tried to convince her to wait until after supper, but we ended up going out again mid-afternoon.  It was a lurchy ride, with Sparkle still learning to keep her balance on the rear wheel added tandem.  I got home feeling as though I would be sick, but Sparkle was intensely happy.  I lay on our bed in the fan and AC, and quickly felt better, so it was totally worth it.

If I can tire Sparkle out on a daily basis with lots of physical activity, like skating, biking and swimming, then the weight she put on last spring from the anti-psychotics may go away, and she'll be healthier, and will sleep at night better.  In addition, if I keep up with her by biking and swimming and ramming around, I also will be slimmer and closer to my goal of getting off all my diabetic medications. 

We shall see if my lofty intentions are kept despite summer heat.  But for summer vacation, day one, I count it a success!


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