Jun. 10th, 2011

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 Today, I swam laps again with [livejournal.com profile] pondside , and practiced together for the Contata concert next month.  (At which I learned that I needed much more practice.)  But the swimming was lovely!

Sparkle was okay with waiting until after supper for our bike ride, because we've done that enough now that it's okay.  But this evening, storm clouds piled on the horizon, and thunder resounded, louder and louder.  Sparkle was sitting out a tantrum in her bedroom, and when I came in, she was fussing because the thunder meant she wouldn't get her ride, and she was over her tantrum, and into just sad.

So, I asked her if she wanted a short ride around the block a couple of times ahead of the storm.  Sparkle at first thought it was raining already because she could hear the thunder, oh, so loud.  But, it was still dry - just very ominous to the west.  On went our helmets, and we dashed up our sidewalk to our garage, wheeled out our bike and into the neighborhood.

Our neighbors, out on their picnic table, watching the storm roll in, saw us pumping and cheered us on.  "Just like the postman!" crowed our neighbor.  "In rain or storm!"  

We concentrated on pumping hard and moving fast against the winds pushing against us.  This was difficult, as the winds were, in fact, really pushing against us.  Sparkle said "We have to say 'push!' in Spanish!" and then chanted "empuje!" happily as we strained.  We went around the neighborhood block three times at speed, which had Sparkle crowing with delight.  I was blown literally by the winds coming at us, and blown as all my wind got used up in the bike sprint.  As I started to see lightning get closer, I turned towards home and we put the bike away.  Sparkle went skipping down to the house, satisfied.  I stayed out a bit to get joshed by the neighbors, who also told me that I looked like I'd dropped some weight.  (beams.)

Sparkle's mood has changed to bright and happy, and I am well-satisfied that we got a meaningful ride in, just ahead of the storm!  It is blowing fiercely now, and got dark very quickly, and the sound of rain is very satisfying to hear from the inside of my house.


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