Jun. 12th, 2011

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 Ten days in a row of exercise, either swimming, biking or both.

Sparkle loves our time together, and I cherish it, too.  I think that her joy gets me on the bike and going when I feel that reluctance to stop whatever sedentary thing I'm doing.  It's always worth it, and after the past few days, I feel better for having done it, too.

This evening, it was in the low seventies, and I wasn't exhausted by our usual turn-around point where the bike path crosses the country road, and there were no cars coming, so we crossed and continued along the trail.  This was counter to Sparkle's expectations, and she started saying that we were going the wrong way, that it was time to turn around, that it was getting late and the sun was going down, and finally, "Mommy, if you get too tired, we won't be able to get all the way home!"

I know that pushing limits helps make my daughter's language grow, but this made me laugh.  I'd had a goal of making the next crossing of the road, visible up ahead, but turned around, rewarding my daughter's logical reasoning.

Getting home was not exhausting, although I can feel the push in my legs.  Sitting here, each time Sparkle catches my eye, she grins and flips her ponytails.


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