Jun. 14th, 2011

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 Theraputty is a really thick, hard to manipulate relation to play-doh that therapists use to strengthen finger muscles in students who have issues with cutting, writing, special needs, etc.

Sparkle was sent home some of the Theraputty in its container.  It was bright green, and she "hid" small dolls, beads, and other things inside it, then dug them out, just as we do at school.

Except Sparkle ate the entire container of Theraputty.  Cut for parental TMI, parenting techniques )
And I feel so bad for her ongoing discomfort.  Ah, natural consequences, there is no better teacher, really.


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 Since Sparkle was feeling decidedly attached to the rest room this evening, I took my twelfth bike trip out alone.

I rode the boys' new yellow bike, so I wouldn't have either the trailer wheel, or the bother of detaching and reattaching it.  Its seat was too short, but it was able to be ridden.

I learned that I can go faster up hills alone than with Sparkle, even when she helps to pedal.  I also learned that I go far slower down hills alone than with Sparkle pedaling to make the wind go faster.  This seemed counter intuitive to me, ignoring how much sense it actually makes for physics.

I rode further today, going to the next road crossing, including biking over a wooden bridge.  The sound of the boards and the bike and the stream underneath was a bit loud, echoey and unsettling, so when I do this with Sparkle, I will be alert for her sound issues.

I learned that I really miss my biking buddy.  It isn't nearly as fun without my Sparkle full of joy and wonder.  She promises that she'll feel better tomorrow, though, and we can bike then.

My lucky 13.


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