Jun. 20th, 2011

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I wasn't feeling the exercise groove this evening.  If left to myself, I would've just lumped at home, and "justified" it because I'd swum with J today.

Sparkle, however, was ready to go right after supper, and wanted to get going before it rained again to spoil our trip.  She brought along the Dora Twin dolls, in a little carrier hung off her front.  I only noticed after we left and were well on our way that she was wearing my best dress-up sandals, too.

"Sah-ree," she sung, unrepentantly. 

We went across the first road down and across the Grumpy Old Troll Bridge, which had a name change because that name "frightened" the babies.  It became the WIndy Bridge.  I swerved and nearly crashed the bike laughing when Sparkle said "Windy Bridge is windy."

It was quite damp, and we didn't see much wildlife out and about today, but I did notice a fawn in the thicket strip between the trail and the farm to our left going out.  It was lying down asleep.  I looked for it and was able to spot it on the way back, too.  I shall have to see whether this thicket is a usual hiding spot, or just today's.  It does not seem like a great place to actually hide.

So, I acted like an adult, and rode my bicycle with my daughter, who jollied me along and who was happy as happy could be.  And now I'm pleased with myself that I haven't missed a day's riding since school let out.  (Thank you, Sparkle!)

Tomorrow, she goes to her summer program across town.  I think she'll be happy there on the first day of Summer.


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