Jul. 31st, 2011

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I made an apple pie today.  The crust was terrible.  We all picked at the insides.

My folks were still visiting, and we went to the local park, at which The Wilds has installed American Bison.  We walked the mile to the bison compound, my father, Dino, Irish and I, and a bit around the path winding around the enclosure.  My darling husband and my mom stayed back at the shady playground and watched Sparkle on the play structures.  In the heat of the day, we saw no bison.  I think the shoulder-height grasses and wildflowers did not help us find anything, because there could have been deer, bison, people or velociraptors hidden in that grass.  We walked the mile back.  My legs feel it more than riding the bike.

Early this evening, I rode my bike to the first trail, being sore from the walk.  I did the there and back three miles in fifteen minutes.  My darling husband thought I'd turned around early because something was wrong.

Sparkle, seeing me come in with my bike helmet, wanted to go around the block on her little bike.  Three quarters the way down the first side of the block, the chain came off her bike.  I was unable to get it back on.  Bringing it home, my darling husband could get it back on, but any time you try to pedal, it falls off again.  We don't know how to fix it.  It seems like the chain is too loose now, but that doesn't make sense...

I hope I can get my neighbor to look at it.  He taught his son to fix his own bike, so perhaps he can teach me some bike mechanics, too.

In the meantime, my bike is at the shop, and the rear tire on the car is flat, and goes flat when re-pumped.  I wish things did not break down!  In good news, I did not get a sunburn today, having worn a serviceable straw hat. 


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