Oct. 31st, 2011

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So, needing an excuse to wear my Victorian corset, I dressed in a Sherlock Holmesian style for school today.  Shift, corset, linen dress with ruffles at the bottom, and a button overdress, coupled with my trench coat.

And my students accused me of *not* having dressed up for Halloween!

"But I'm Irene Adler," I protested.

None of my classes thought I dressed up at first.  The other teachers, knowing I'd strapped in for the day, thought this was hilarious.

On the other hand, the other parents around the block at Trick or Treat all figured I was Victorian at least, and recognized the name when I said who I was.
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Dino passed out candy this year, "too old" in high school to gad about begging.

Irish was a bomber pilot in vintage gear from his grandpa.

Sparkle was a princess, in velvet and a cloak.

Their Trick-or-Treat mates were a witch and Spider-Man.

I was Irene Adler, unchanged from school.

Best adult costume on our rounds had to be the Imperial Storm Trooper.  He gave Sparkle extra candy for saying "Look!  An Imperial Storm Trooper!" instead of calling him (hisss) a Clone Trooper.  Each time he spoke, his helmet gave a radio crackle, and his voice came through electronically, like they do in the movies.  For the Win!


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