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Since Sept. 19.

My darling husband was sleeping, preparing for his night work at the toy store, restocking and getting ready for Black Friday.  I have been nursing a cold and sore throat, possibly strep.  (A girl sick at school all week was diagnosed with it on Friday.  Since I've had strep 34 times in my life, I canceled most of this weekend so I wouldn't spread the ick if I have caught it.)

Sparkle came to me with the bike helmets, and asked to go on a bike ride to the towers.  I told her I didn't think I could make it to the towers, but we could go on a short ride.

Route 66 )
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Went out on the yellow bike tonight, sans Sparkle, who was more interested in her Wii.
The weather was cool, the trail crunchy with brown dried leaves.  Oh, where is the fall splendor?  Dull browns.
Saw a possum scuttle across the road.  A small yip dog ran from my bike until it got back into its yard, than yolf-ed at me, sounding like someone with asthma during a bad cold.

The children of the Nerf incident saw me, and smiled and nodded.

I saw two picnics, one at the start of my trail, one at the second road across the bridge.  I noted both parties were very segregated:  men in one camp, women in another camp, male children on one side of the yard, girl children on the other.  Only the dogs seemed to travel between them.

I saw a wooly worm crawling across the trail..  I least, I think it was one.  It was the right shade of brown, but not a bit of black on it, other than its black head and feet.  What does that mean for winter, oh, prognosticator?

Coming into our drive, I stopped and chatted with my neighbor.  She wanted to know why I was on the yellow bike, which is a bit short for me, really.  I said it was due to the fact that I was plum lazy, and that if Sparkle wasn't on board, I didn't want to haul the trailer around rattling at me.
She laughed at the "plum lazy," because anyone plum crazy enough to go out as much as I did wasn't lazy.  I told her I had just finished ride 65.  We got into a discussion of mom jeans then.
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two carrot six )

We only went to the first road.  Sparkle said she was chilly, which I think may have been understating, because I in my jeans and long shirt was shivering a lot.  I was also physically very tired, because it is *much* harder to haul Sparkle with me, extra pedaling power or not than it is go go it alone.

But it is much sweeter to go with my sweet girl, and hear her burble happily behind me.  And we made chocolate chip cookies. 

Dino comes home from Band contests soon, after having marched in the Arts in the Alley parade this morning.
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Read more... )
Actual start:
Today was a busy parenting day:  help homework, pick up the kiddo from band practice, go to Sparkle's Open House to meet her current and future teachers, medicine pickup at the store, and by Goodness!  A bike ride.

<cut goes *here*>

The curve under the trees was dark, but it lightened up just past it.  I miss the fireflies.  Clouds came on the west sky as I parked my bike in the garage, and then it was night time.  Made it under the wire!

I am *so* frustrated that LJ won't "cut" my cut tags right any more!  It puts the cuts at the top, and I cannot move my uncut words back up over them, and frustrated Judi is frustrated!

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I wanted a bike ride.  The boys needed transportation to Boy Scouts.  My darling husband suggested that he take the boys for their ride, and I could take Sparkle on mine.

We pulled in as my dh and the boys pulled out, and they boys said they were looking forward to cookies when they returned.
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Fall is brown and dry this year. )
It being a lovely day, cool and breezy, I took the opportunity to ride on out on the boys' yellow bike, Sparkle being more interested in the swings outside and LEGO Star Wars inside.

I'm a bit achy in my calves.  It's been too long between my last few rides.  Still, all the same, I was able to go to the second road and back pretty easily.

It rains.

Sep. 7th, 2011 05:09 pm
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It continues to rain.  No bike for me today.  I did go to a band fitting, and will go to a high school Open House, and totally amaze the high school teachers who have to stay late for Open House, where usually parents don't show.
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Short ride today, because riding tonight was like getting a bath from a dog's tongue, except a dog's tongue feels cooler.

Read more... )

Once I got home, I plopped down with my neighbors and petted their dogs while I got my legs back.  This ride was hard to do!
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For my day, and trip, remove the Joo-Janta Peril-Sensitive Cut Tag )So, this is the birthday upon which for at least one year, I am the epitome of the Answer to the Ultimate Question to the Life, the Universe, and Everything.

All in all, a most satisfactory birthday.

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Today, my darling husband got the seat off, and the trailer on, and the seat back on for Sparkle and I to ride together again!

Want to "ketchup" on our ride? )

All in all, Sparkle and I had a lovely ride again, and I am so happy, and have that good, tired feeling that you get when you pleasantly exert yourself.
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I picked up my bike from the repair shop today.  The guy who helped me was bemused that it was pre-paid, but grinned at how pleased I was to get my bike back.  I heard him chuckle as I got on it on the sidewalk in front of the shop, and rode back to the parking lot behind it.

Read more... )

My darling husband says he will look into putting the trailer back on the blue bike soon now, so Sparkle and I can ride again.  I'm looking forward to it!  (But it's gonna be a LOT more work!)
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I tooled around the block and shifted gears, making certain it works.  My big goofy grin made the neighbor's son grin back at me as he passed me twice riding the opposite direction.  My actual ride 56 will be later tonight, perhaps after Open House for my son.

I will have to get my darling husband to reattach the trailer for Sparkle, so we can ride together again.  (Happy anticipation!)

My classrooms are physically set up, posters on the wall and technology (expletives deleted) untangled, reconnected, and online.  Tomorrow:  endless meetings and an opportunity to plan for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Also, maybe by then I'll have my class lists...
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 and the bees, and the butterflies, and the squirrel in the tree.

Cinderella and Snow White together couldn't have seen more birds than I did! )

All in all though, it was a lovely ride.  When I'm at my folks', I plan on walking with my dad and Sparkle on a daily basis.  He likes to go across a dam and through woods.  His favorite joke is that he's going on his dam walk again.

Ride 54

Aug. 13th, 2011 08:40 pm
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Went out past the third road today, for a six mile round trip.

Bike 54, where were you? )
The ride tuckered me out today.  An extra mile than usual really seems to make a difference.
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 Got up this morning to get the trash out to the curb, and discovered that it was still in the sixties.  I took the opportunity to hop on my bike and pedal down the path.

bright paths! )

This got me ready to do my homework from my teacher training class in reading.  I'll be sitting down with Sparkle to read with her and see how it goes now that I have my plan ready.

Ride 52

Aug. 9th, 2011 10:20 pm
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 I rode fairly soon after supper tonight, and I'm glad I did because it rained after my ride.

a golden evening )

I came in to find my darling husband worried about me because I'd stayed out so long.  I think the ride was good for me, and eased a bit of the ache in my chest, and strain behind my eyes.
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 Last week was not a good one for me and exercise.  Read more... )

A fifty-wonderful ride.
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My day )
But I am halfway to my goal, and I feel happy!
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I made an apple pie today.  The crust was terrible.  We all picked at the insides.

My folks were still visiting, and we went to the local park, at which The Wilds has installed American Bison.  We walked the mile to the bison compound, my father, Dino, Irish and I, and a bit around the path winding around the enclosure.  My darling husband and my mom stayed back at the shady playground and watched Sparkle on the play structures.  In the heat of the day, we saw no bison.  I think the shoulder-height grasses and wildflowers did not help us find anything, because there could have been deer, bison, people or velociraptors hidden in that grass.  We walked the mile back.  My legs feel it more than riding the bike.

Early this evening, I rode my bike to the first trail, being sore from the walk.  I did the there and back three miles in fifteen minutes.  My darling husband thought I'd turned around early because something was wrong.

Sparkle, seeing me come in with my bike helmet, wanted to go around the block on her little bike.  Three quarters the way down the first side of the block, the chain came off her bike.  I was unable to get it back on.  Bringing it home, my darling husband could get it back on, but any time you try to pedal, it falls off again.  We don't know how to fix it.  It seems like the chain is too loose now, but that doesn't make sense...

I hope I can get my neighbor to look at it.  He taught his son to fix his own bike, so perhaps he can teach me some bike mechanics, too.

In the meantime, my bike is at the shop, and the rear tire on the car is flat, and goes flat when re-pumped.  I wish things did not break down!  In good news, I did not get a sunburn today, having worn a serviceable straw hat. 


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