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Mouse drama. )

I *will* get to the source and eliminate it.  (Wow.  I sound like a villain from a television show.)

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I now have a working toilet that really flushes without a bucket, and a bathroom sink faucet that works, too! I could cry with joy!

Sparkle was pleased enough that she actually went and thanked the plumber on her own initiative.  She's used the toilet six or seven times this past hour, I think just for the pleasure of being able to flush afterward, and go over to the sink and play in the water again.

They are clean!  They work!  My house no longer has odeur Boy Scout Latrine perfuming the atmosphere!

Props up to my neighbor, who pointed out which of the neighborhood guys was a plumber, and hooked us up.  And Dave the Plumber hooked me up, and I am doing the happy dance!
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Yesterday, exiting our house, we startled some deer out of our back yard.  I spotted one, and then 5 or 6 more bounced after it, I swear out of nowhere.   They were pawing grass from under the pine trees, since the snow was not as deep there.  I felt bad for scaring them.   They looked thin.

Today, as I was knocking icicles off our gutters, I saw deer prints in the snow all the way up to our house.  They'd been eating the ivy off of our walls, and from around the trunks of a couple of trees.  Go, deer!  They'd also pawed up the ivy and pachysandra that has been taking over my front walk and ate a bunch of that, too.  Can I hope that they'll come back and eat more of it?  It grew waaaaaay out of the beds, and is taking over my yard, and choking those poor trees.

Bunny rabbits appear to be eating the pine needles off the bottoms of the pine trees.  They are excited that the snowfall has bent new branches down  within their reach.  You can see bunny hop prints leaving little holes in the snow in rings around all the pine trees.

A flock of robins came, and ate every remaining berry off the bushes in our yard.  We've been making a lot of popcorn recently, and I toss the unpopped kernels out on the porch.  The birdies eat them pretty quickly.  I'm thinking of getting birdseed next time I'm at the store, even if it does lure in squirrels to pig out.

Our indoor kitties like sitting by our living room window, looking outside.  They have been fascinated with icicles dripping.  They show no inclination to want to go out when the door is open.

At night, the coyotes call back and forth to one another, mournful, yet musical.  They sound like they are on opposite sides of the river, which was frozen over a couple of days ago, but has a channel melted through since.  I hope they find a way over to one another again.
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Earth, Water, Air and Fire: got 'em all covered. )

There is a force in the universe that knows just precisely how much savings I've built up and how much credit line I've cleared, and manufactures a disaster to match or exceed it, I swear...(and why so often right before the holidays?)

What I want to do for this house is to replace the horrid gray brown kitchen grungy carpet with tile or linoleum, and all my budgets keep getting hijacked for disasters, durn it!
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The toilet bowl becomes rust coloured in just five days.  Kaboom! alone cannot keep up, declarations by the deceased Billy Mays to the contrary.  Flylady's recommended daily swish and swipe does more than I thought it did.

We have a new post office delivery guy who ignores the "deliveries to the rear" sign on the front door, leaving things out in the rain, instead of on the sheltered back porch.  We have one of those houses where almost no one ever uses the front door - like, only on Halloween.

Sparkle does not let my DH get every snarl out of her hair.  But she will ac tually come to me, brush in hand, and demand braids, and voluntarily sit wailing while get every one out.  She does like her hair out of her face, and ponytail parts still flip forward, whilst braids do not.

How did so many fingerprints get on the walls by the light switch plates?  By the door handles?  How long have they been there?

Leftovers appear to get - left.  (This is probably actually a factor of my growing *boys* being away, rather than my own absence.)  I have a lot of plastic ware to wash after today's trash day.  No testable sentience...

Did my daughter actually get taller in just five days?  She may have.  Yes, measurements confirm she really has - like a quarter inch!  When I pick up my boys from two weeks at grandma's, will they be taller, too?

On a really nice note, this morning, when I woke up, Sparkle was stroking my cheek.  She looked at me full in the eyes for about thirty long seconds before smiling shyly, closing her eyes and tucking her chin.


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