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I'd take vixy over the ones we had just now - tornado sirens.  Or any other filker, for that matter!

They geared up, with tornadoes sighted within 15 miles of our house, headed our way with the boys on school buses on their way home.  I herded Sparkle into the basement, and sent my darling husband out in the van to the bus stop to gather up the boys when the buses arrived home.  Had they gotten on the buses before the alarms started, or were they in the school hallways, waiting for the storm to end?

I fretted and fretted about the menfolk outside while trying to keep Sparkle downstairs.  When she dashed upstairs and ran into the bathroom, and started peeing, I let her finish and grabbed my laptop, then chivvied her back downstairs.  I let her play on Nick Jr, but it kept crashing the laptop.

I was very curt with ordering my guys downstairs when they finally came.  Stowing musical instruments and backpacks could wait!

The alarms have now expired.  The storm cell centers are off to the east of us.  Still, I am not taking Irish to Tae Kwon Do tonight; I'll see about making up the class next Tuesday at the other session.  In theory, it is curriculum night at Irish and Sparkle's schools.  I will need to call to see whether they are still on, given that Sparkle's room is a trailer behind the school.
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will keep me from getting to PondFilk!

Columbus, Ohio had a scary scary storm with funnel clouds last night between midnight and two in the morning. We camped out in the basement and waited it out, with scary winds and lashing rain. And the TV radar showed we weren't even getting hit with the worst of it.

We're all okay, and my darling daughter was a trooper about it, too. The river is a bit up in its banks, so I can see it glistening in the dawn's early light through the woods, but it isn't high enough to be a danger to us.


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