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Sparkle's room still smells as though zombies live there, rotting away.  I have yet to find the dead mouse in her room, although the cats have brought me at least one every day this week.  So, my suspicions of a dead creature somewhere in there remain high.

I asked Sparkle whether she'd tried to feed Furnace through the vents.  The answer was no, but also one of great excitement, as though I'd given her food for thought as to a new something she could do to appease Furnace.  A long conversation involving a lot of my list of NOs! ensued.  Sparkle seemed more bored than convinced by  my arguments. 

So, we had a theory that a mouse may have crawled in the heating ducts beyond where I can see, because the smell gets stronger when the vents blow.  However, when I put my face over it, I only get metallic heat, not rot.

Sparkle is sleeping in the living room, as her room is unlivable at the moment.  I am getting progressively more crazy about this.

And, the yearly visit from Children's Services is coming up, to check on Sparkle's well-being.  I really don't want the home visit to have this stench in her living area!
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