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 Exercise is sooo much harder when it is hot.  Was very tired and nearly overwhelmed during the Y Tae Kwon Do class tonight.  I think we got extra breaks because the instructor was afraid I might fall over in class again.

The shower and swim afterward were heavenly.  Although, saying "swim," I really mean wallow in the shallow water while the kids sported around us.

The breeze picked up this evening, and it was almost cool getting out of the pool.  I really must lose more weight, because I just cannot tolerate heat with all the extra insulation I'm packing around.
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When weighing in, the perky motivating voice keeps chirping "That's obese!" every time I get on the scale. I *hate* that voice saying that every time! In addition, my Wii avatar is porked up to look as fat as I'm supposed to be. Since I carry my weight differently, my avatar actually looks bigger than I do in the mirror.

Worse? My darling daughter Sparkle, with her echolalia, has picked up on that delightful phrase and repeats it. Although it is *almost* cute when she weighs in at "normal" and chirps "That's obese - but where's my tummy?" as her avatar does *not* pork up. I tell her that her weight is just fine, so "Sister Sparkle" won't have a big tummy, because Sparkle doesn't, either.

I have figured out that about 6 pounds goes into each BMI point at my height and build. I need to lose about 12 pounds to get to "overweight." I'm not sure what it will chirp then. I'm sure it will still be in that mocking, laughing voice.


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