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Driving home from work, I saw a little plane flying along the opposite lane of the country road.  It whizzed past my van, following the curve of the road, just a little above what would be a car's roof level.  It was a radio controlled plane, and its wingspan was probably a good four or five feet, enough to fill the lane.  I was a bit startled.  I checked behind me to be sure I saw what I saw, (I had) and then looked forward again.

Then, I saw a little black four wheel monster truck speeding along the road, coming toward me in the opposite lane, with a G.I. Joe action figure "driving" and Barbie riding along in it, her blonde hair whipping behind her at highway speeds.  ZOOM!

These were closely followed by a white beat up full-sized pickup truck with a teen driver, and two teen guys also in the front seat, grinning like fiends while manipulating their control boxes.

I was torn between being immensely amused, and totally appalled!
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Today in English class, we read the classic Poe story "The Tell-Tale Heart."  This is part of "Creep Week" of English, in honor of Halloween, and any excuse for a disturbing story. 

Thus far, we've done "Sound of Thunder," "The Raven," "The Most Dangerous Game," "Masque of the Red Death," (Dug out of an upper level English book in honor of [livejournal.com profile] cadhla ) and still have "The Birds,"  "The Highwayman," "The Devil and Tom Walker," and all next week, "The Hound of the Baskervilles."  Mathematical folk may note that Creep Week extends well beyond one school week on *both* sides of Halloween!  I've told my students that if they complain, they'll get "Fall of the House of Usher" as punishment.  ("More Poe!  Oh, Woe!" is how I put it.)

So, as a *must* following the "Tell-Tale Heart," I played "Telly Taley Heart," the parody homage by Tom Smith.   I stated proudly that I knew this guy, who was a close personal friend, and that this was the kind of music I did sign language for last weekend when I went out and partied.

Two reactions:
"You know people who write murder songs of dismemberment?  Are you doing this as some sort of like, warning to be good?"
"Why didn't you just play the song, and skip the story?  All the salient points are included, and it would've taken less time."
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I got meself gigged up and spake like a pirate queen all day at me school. This so distracted the fine young beauties in me crew (sometime known as me class), they plumb forgot to fight amonst themselves. They were too busy agreeing with one another that I was the craziest teacher they had *ever* met. I had them swab the decks (desks) and threatened them with keel hauling or walking the plank if they dared cross Red Judi, the Pirate Queen, and broke into song: "It is, it is a glorious theeng, to be the PiRAT QUEEEEN!"

I gave me hearties extra credit for piratical gear, (Two of them wore skulls and crossbone scarves and socks and T shirts,) and tried to get them to write in jargon. (Most appeared to be too intimidated, but I did get a fine pirate map on how to find treasure on "Study Island," (the name of a graduation test review program we have our students do.)

On the other hand, I followed the pirate map's instructions, and at the end of my giant steps to make them work, found the "treasure" of a "graduation certificate," because, as stated on the certificate: "An education is worth far more than gold or plunder. Get some." The location of the "treasure"? The library. That swab was promoted to "first mate" for the rest of the day, and referred to as "Smee," as well as earning an A.

My boss mentioned that my tricorn hat was against school rules when I arrived. I swept off me hat and told him, "But without it, I'm just a wench. WITH it -" (replacing hat), "I be the Pirate Queen! And my students will be writing JARGON today, ADMIRAL!" And I'll be dipped in salt water and fed barnacles, but me straight laced boss laughed, and allowed me to go on my way. When faced with peer surprise that I'd gotten away with it, I reminded them that "Pirate beauties don't has to follow the rules, me mates."

I had one dog-toothed earring that FerretVet made for me. When asked why I only had one, I told everyone (repeatedly, all day,) that I could only afford to pierce one, due to the cost. ("How much did it cost?" the unwary landlubbers asked.) "A BUCCANEER!" I'd shout with delight.


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