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 On Wednesday, driving home from work, I saw fields and fields of white dandelion clocks carpeting the world.  So pretty!

I thought of how so many people eradicate them from their lawns, and how my exchange family in Germany paid money for the seeds to plant them in their apartment garden because they're pretty.

My lawn sortof has dandelions.  They grow, but the bunnies *adore* them.  Doing dishes, I can watch them nip the bottom stem off the ground, and nibble up until there's a yellow flower held by its mouth - Pop!  It's eaten, and the bunny looks so happy!

My children have been picking what few clocks emerge in the yard and blow them, sending the seeds aloft, and then chasing through them laughing as they fly.

My lawn has purple violets, and little purple flowers, and little white somethings, and white violets all growing wild and about it.  Since we live by the forest, we have wild flowers about the edges that grow tall and peek out, too, pink and yellow and white.  

I don't think I'd ever use a lawn service, because losing the joy of seeing Spring like that in my field would be awful.  I also don't trust the chemicals to not just wash off downhill and poison the creek with the endangered Darby Darter fish.  I also don't believe the claims that the chemicals aren't absorbed into the water supply (we're well water) and I shouldn't like to think of me or my children drinking adulterated water.

Wednesday evening, I got to see [livejournal.com profile] pondside  and the friends she was visiting here in Columbus (who I ironically only see during conventions) and had a lovely, lovely, time.  I thought of the filk metaphor of our music and people being like dandelion seeds blown on the wind, spreading, and it gave me joy.


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