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At bedtime, Sparkle read to me for twenty minutes solid by her suggestion!  Usually, it is a battle to get her to read the little send home packet books, and she wants to be DONE, turning inside out, after about five minutes.

We read "Gordon's Whistle" and "Henry's Sneeze." She attempted hard words, and tried to make the people talk with inflection. Now, these are stories she has heard me read before, and has seen on Thomas the Tank Engine videos, but she was not reciting memorized lines, she was reading for herself.  It is funny how words like "engine" and "station" and "funnel" and "fitter" roll off her tongue, but words like "puff" become "peep" and "screeched" become "Shouted" instead.

Word anticipation let her get some of the words.  Right after "Fat" is the word "Controller."  She knew that one from my reading.  I could tell she was processing meaning, because after she read "Fat Controller," she said, "That's Sir Top'em Hat."  She also turned to me and winked when Henry the Green Engine "winked...like this."

I am so full of joy right now!

In addition, Sparkle was a trooper going to several stores tonight.  We went to two music stores looking at banjos (all the cheap ones from summer sold) a pet store for a kitty calming collar for Harley, and the grocery store for prescriptions.  I told her what a good, good girl she was all evening, and she beamed soooo big, and then let out a big sigh, and I swear fell asleep nearly instantly.  Amazing.

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