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So, not wanting to get wet riding my bike, I got wet swimming at the Y instead.

Sparkle was at the Y's program where on Wednesday nights, they watch the kids swim at the pool.  I signed her in, and swam laps for an hour, content with the knowledge that someone was keeping track of her while I went back and forth.  I could stop as needed, but also not have to worry.  One of the watchladies is one of my former co-workers, so this works out well.

I swam 20 laps back and forth.  36 laps to a mile, so I swam 5/9ths of a mile, or a bit over a half.  I am a bit out of shape since this summer, because I've been slacking off.  Not as fun to swim without someone with whom to gossip as I paddle.

Sparkle let me wash her hair and condition it without pitching an echo wail fit in the changing rooms, too, for which I am grateful.

Date: 2011-09-22 03:02 am (UTC)
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Sure, sounds like fun. Y not?


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