Jul. 5th, 2011

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 [livejournal.com profile] pondside and I are home from Contata safely.  Long drive, but lovely trip.  I shall post more about the con a bit later, but I can say I had a lovely time, and everyone was simply kind and wonderful to me there.

Sparkle was very glad to see me again, and so was my darling husband.  The boys are off seeing their Nana, so I shan't see them until the weekend.

Repairs to the van are complete, (Master cylinder, rusty brake lines, new motivator for the windshield wipers.)  and we shall pick it up today!  

Today's question:  how will it feel to get back on the bike?  We'll find out!
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 Whilst I was away over the weekend, my darling husband attempted a bike ride with Sparkle.  A short ride, it went well until the home gravel drive, in which DH discovered that his feet do not touch the ground from the seat, and that trying to stop and dismount at the same time a daughter keeps pedaling results in a crash.  He was wrenched up a bit, and re-strained himself today, and will be checking in with the doctor tomorrow.

So, while Sparkle had a bike ride on Thursday night, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday were not riding days, although DH did take her for walks and scooter rides around the block.

28 the long list of grievances )

She came in, took a bath, and is now out like a light.  I am glad that tonight ended on a happy note for her.  I think also that my DH handling the going to bed routine helped, too, as I was a bit raw.  (He is my rock.)


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