Sep. 19th, 2011

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Went out on the yellow bike tonight, sans Sparkle, who was more interested in her Wii.
The weather was cool, the trail crunchy with brown dried leaves.  Oh, where is the fall splendor?  Dull browns.
Saw a possum scuttle across the road.  A small yip dog ran from my bike until it got back into its yard, than yolf-ed at me, sounding like someone with asthma during a bad cold.

The children of the Nerf incident saw me, and smiled and nodded.

I saw two picnics, one at the start of my trail, one at the second road across the bridge.  I noted both parties were very segregated:  men in one camp, women in another camp, male children on one side of the yard, girl children on the other.  Only the dogs seemed to travel between them.

I saw a wooly worm crawling across the trail..  I least, I think it was one.  It was the right shade of brown, but not a bit of black on it, other than its black head and feet.  What does that mean for winter, oh, prognosticator?

Coming into our drive, I stopped and chatted with my neighbor.  She wanted to know why I was on the yellow bike, which is a bit short for me, really.  I said it was due to the fact that I was plum lazy, and that if Sparkle wasn't on board, I didn't want to haul the trailer around rattling at me.
She laughed at the "plum lazy," because anyone plum crazy enough to go out as much as I did wasn't lazy.  I told her I had just finished ride 65.  We got into a discussion of mom jeans then.
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Made of fun! )
Today being Talk Like a Pirate Day, I put on me piratey cap, bodice, striped socks, fold-over boots, skirts, and blow-up Pirates of the Carrabean  Sword, and geared up to teach my young pirate crews how to write ten-step directions to get from "here" to "there" for pirate maps.

I had a couple of serious conferences I had to do during the day as well, and it was highly entertaining to watch the faces of the folks to whom I spoke trying valiantly to keep their professional game on when I so clearly amused them so much.  All in all, an exceedingly successful day!


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