Oct. 18th, 2011

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I was in Upstate New York, near Lake Placid, for the delightful wedding of my friends Beth and Ruth.  I was the Matron of Honor, and the brides were beautiful, the ceremony moving, and the only flaw in the day was rain, moving the venue indoors rather than outside.

There was a boil alert for the area, but unfortunately, I accidentally drank some of the local water.  Sunday, on the way back down the Adirondack Mountain roads going back and forth and with gusts of wind 35-50 mph, I had to be sick.  My driving friend was telling a story about someone who was behaving badly in trying circumstances when I announced, "I am going to be sick," and thought I was  commenting on the egregiousness of the story rather than my own condition.  My friend riding shotgun warned the driver in time to pull over before the fountains began.

Throwing up over the road wires downhill in mountain country is vertigo inducing.  I was grateful that I when I was ill, the wind blew it significantly away from me, too.  I got to peer over a river, too.  And grass verges, and inspect several rest area toilets for cleanliness and the Tidy Bowl boats.

All the same, I was still quite happy and chirpy the trip back, because the company was good, and I think I got used to being stable after vomiting after all three of my barfy pregnancies.  1/40th of my life has been spent being oopsie tummy, after all.

There was rain coming down steadily and stormily along the way home, and the windshield wipers on my van died.  I stopped halfway home to call in sick and stranded.  (I'd planned out Monday at school, so typing in the sub request, and talking to our secretary, and my boss got that settled.)

Today went well at school.  While my tum has stabilized, I wanted less to eat all day anyway.  Maybe, if I keep my portions really small, I can painlessly reduce how much I eat for the future, in aid of my goal of getting off my meds?


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