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2011-12-09 04:37 pm
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Mouse, Mouse, Kitty, Kitty, Dang, Dang! Mouse BANG!

Mouse drama. )

I *will* get to the source and eliminate it.  (Wow.  I sound like a villain from a television show.)

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2011-12-08 04:50 pm
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Charnel Smell Update

Sparkle's room still smells as though zombies live there, rotting away.  I have yet to find the dead mouse in her room, although the cats have brought me at least one every day this week.  So, my suspicions of a dead creature somewhere in there remain high.

I asked Sparkle whether she'd tried to feed Furnace through the vents.  The answer was no, but also one of great excitement, as though I'd given her food for thought as to a new something she could do to appease Furnace.  A long conversation involving a lot of my list of NOs! ensued.  Sparkle seemed more bored than convinced by  my arguments. 

So, we had a theory that a mouse may have crawled in the heating ducts beyond where I can see, because the smell gets stronger when the vents blow.  However, when I put my face over it, I only get metallic heat, not rot.

Sparkle is sleeping in the living room, as her room is unlivable at the moment.  I am getting progressively more crazy about this.

And, the yearly visit from Children's Services is coming up, to check on Sparkle's well-being.  I really don't want the home visit to have this stench in her living area!
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2011-12-03 05:17 pm
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Glorious School Day

Friday, I used Talis Kimberly's song, "Still Catch the Tide" and Emily Holbert-Kellam's song sung by
Heather Dale, "The Maiden and the Selkie" as writing prompts for a few of my classes.

The result? )
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2011-11-22 09:25 am
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Home Sick

Had to come home after throwing up at work.  I hate that.  It feels like such a loss of control.

And I think I hate pistachios now.
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2011-11-20 08:46 pm
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Mr. Peanut is a Lurking Assassin.

Sweet and Salty Chocolate Banana Ice Cream has peanuts in it, and I found out the hard way. My tongue is thick, my throat feels like it does when I have strep, my chest is tight, and I have allergy medicine. I hate this.

Every once in a while, after maybe being exposed to nuts, without issue, I wonder whether I still have allergies to peanuts.  Then something like this happens, and I know that I do.  And this time, it feels worse than just having my tongue get thick.  My throat is closed up a bit, too.

I can still breathe and everything, but I am aware of discomfort, and I spent half an hour freaking.  When I talk, I sound like I have a cold, because my tongue is awkward.

And I am cross, because the packaging pictures emphasized the chocolate and the banana, without showing nuts in the picture.  Yes, I know I ought to check the ingredient list every single time, and I didn't, and here are my natural consequences, right now.  It's just at Jeni's ice cream, they have salty ice creams that have nothing to do with nuts.

And my poor husband, who offered me the taste spoon from his bowl, is upset, too.  It's weird, because I didn't immediately recognize the taste, and only really "got" it because I saw a nutty smear in the ice cream in the bowl.

Sour grapes says the taste wasn't even nummy enough to make this worth it, either.
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2011-11-13 02:30 pm
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Ride 66: It's Been a While!

Since Sept. 19.

My darling husband was sleeping, preparing for his night work at the toy store, restocking and getting ready for Black Friday.  I have been nursing a cold and sore throat, possibly strep.  (A girl sick at school all week was diagnosed with it on Friday.  Since I've had strep 34 times in my life, I canceled most of this weekend so I wouldn't spread the ick if I have caught it.)

Sparkle came to me with the bike helmets, and asked to go on a bike ride to the towers.  I told her I didn't think I could make it to the towers, but we could go on a short ride.

Route 66 )
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2011-11-04 08:11 pm
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2011-11-03 06:44 pm
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The Bathlitown Shinies!

I now have a working toilet that really flushes without a bucket, and a bathroom sink faucet that works, too! I could cry with joy!

Sparkle was pleased enough that she actually went and thanked the plumber on her own initiative.  She's used the toilet six or seven times this past hour, I think just for the pleasure of being able to flush afterward, and go over to the sink and play in the water again.

They are clean!  They work!  My house no longer has odeur Boy Scout Latrine perfuming the atmosphere!

Props up to my neighbor, who pointed out which of the neighborhood guys was a plumber, and hooked us up.  And Dave the Plumber hooked me up, and I am doing the happy dance!
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2011-11-02 04:35 pm
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Serious RC Control Issues..

Driving home from work, I saw a little plane flying along the opposite lane of the country road.  It whizzed past my van, following the curve of the road, just a little above what would be a car's roof level.  It was a radio controlled plane, and its wingspan was probably a good four or five feet, enough to fill the lane.  I was a bit startled.  I checked behind me to be sure I saw what I saw, (I had) and then looked forward again.

Then, I saw a little black four wheel monster truck speeding along the road, coming toward me in the opposite lane, with a G.I. Joe action figure "driving" and Barbie riding along in it, her blonde hair whipping behind her at highway speeds.  ZOOM!

These were closely followed by a white beat up full-sized pickup truck with a teen driver, and two teen guys also in the front seat, grinning like fiends while manipulating their control boxes.

I was torn between being immensely amused, and totally appalled!
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2011-10-31 09:10 pm
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Cos Play at Work

So, needing an excuse to wear my Victorian corset, I dressed in a Sherlock Holmesian style for school today.  Shift, corset, linen dress with ruffles at the bottom, and a button overdress, coupled with my trench coat.

And my students accused me of *not* having dressed up for Halloween!

"But I'm Irene Adler," I protested.

None of my classes thought I dressed up at first.  The other teachers, knowing I'd strapped in for the day, thought this was hilarious.

On the other hand, the other parents around the block at Trick or Treat all figured I was Victorian at least, and recognized the name when I said who I was.
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2011-10-26 10:01 pm
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OVFF Report 2011

I spent OVFF being happy, a bit tired from burning the candle too much, and surrounded by friends who made my internal happy meter keep breaking new records.

For those who do want the full song and dance. )
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2011-10-18 08:45 pm
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A Weekend in the Country

I was in Upstate New York, near Lake Placid, for the delightful wedding of my friends Beth and Ruth.  I was the Matron of Honor, and the brides were beautiful, the ceremony moving, and the only flaw in the day was rain, moving the venue indoors rather than outside.

There was a boil alert for the area, but unfortunately, I accidentally drank some of the local water.  Sunday, on the way back down the Adirondack Mountain roads going back and forth and with gusts of wind 35-50 mph, I had to be sick.  My driving friend was telling a story about someone who was behaving badly in trying circumstances when I announced, "I am going to be sick," and thought I was  commenting on the egregiousness of the story rather than my own condition.  My friend riding shotgun warned the driver in time to pull over before the fountains began.

Throwing up over the road wires downhill in mountain country is vertigo inducing.  I was grateful that I when I was ill, the wind blew it significantly away from me, too.  I got to peer over a river, too.  And grass verges, and inspect several rest area toilets for cleanliness and the Tidy Bowl boats.

All the same, I was still quite happy and chirpy the trip back, because the company was good, and I think I got used to being stable after vomiting after all three of my barfy pregnancies.  1/40th of my life has been spent being oopsie tummy, after all.

There was rain coming down steadily and stormily along the way home, and the windshield wipers on my van died.  I stopped halfway home to call in sick and stranded.  (I'd planned out Monday at school, so typing in the sub request, and talking to our secretary, and my boss got that settled.)

Today went well at school.  While my tum has stabilized, I wanted less to eat all day anyway.  Maybe, if I keep my portions really small, I can painlessly reduce how much I eat for the future, in aid of my goal of getting off my meds?
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2011-09-26 07:50 pm
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Words I am Sure Will Come to Haunt Me.

I have had an upset digestive system for the past few days.  Sparkle has been misbehaving for a good portion of today, resulting in her losing access to the Wii, computers, and all video games.

Sparkle: "If you do not give me MY Wii, I will SPIT on you!"

Me:  "If you spit on me, I will spit up on you. Try me and see. I'm sure you won't like it."

Amazingly, this bit of upmanship appears to have worked.  She backed off from her screams and threats, and is looking at me with frustration. She knows I don't make idle threats, though.

I expect my little tape recorder will remember this line for the future, probably in front of a principal or my boss or something.
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2011-09-21 09:57 pm
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Y, it's Raining. Perfect Time to Swim.

So, not wanting to get wet riding my bike, I got wet swimming at the Y instead.

Sparkle was at the Y's program where on Wednesday nights, they watch the kids swim at the pool.  I signed her in, and swam laps for an hour, content with the knowledge that someone was keeping track of her while I went back and forth.  I could stop as needed, but also not have to worry.  One of the watchladies is one of my former co-workers, so this works out well.

I swam 20 laps back and forth.  36 laps to a mile, so I swam 5/9ths of a mile, or a bit over a half.  I am a bit out of shape since this summer, because I've been slacking off.  Not as fun to swim without someone with whom to gossip as I paddle.

Sparkle let me wash her hair and condition it without pitching an echo wail fit in the changing rooms, too, for which I am grateful.
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2011-09-19 04:34 pm
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Ride 65: From Sunday (internets down then)

Went out on the yellow bike tonight, sans Sparkle, who was more interested in her Wii.
The weather was cool, the trail crunchy with brown dried leaves.  Oh, where is the fall splendor?  Dull browns.
Saw a possum scuttle across the road.  A small yip dog ran from my bike until it got back into its yard, than yolf-ed at me, sounding like someone with asthma during a bad cold.

The children of the Nerf incident saw me, and smiled and nodded.

I saw two picnics, one at the start of my trail, one at the second road across the bridge.  I noted both parties were very segregated:  men in one camp, women in another camp, male children on one side of the yard, girl children on the other.  Only the dogs seemed to travel between them.

I saw a wooly worm crawling across the trail..  I least, I think it was one.  It was the right shade of brown, but not a bit of black on it, other than its black head and feet.  What does that mean for winter, oh, prognosticator?

Coming into our drive, I stopped and chatted with my neighbor.  She wanted to know why I was on the yellow bike, which is a bit short for me, really.  I said it was due to the fact that I was plum lazy, and that if Sparkle wasn't on board, I didn't want to haul the trailer around rattling at me.
She laughed at the "plum lazy," because anyone plum crazy enough to go out as much as I did wasn't lazy.  I told her I had just finished ride 65.  We got into a discussion of mom jeans then.
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2011-09-17 09:24 pm
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Ride 64: Will it be Easy? Will it be Breezy?

two carrot six )

We only went to the first road.  Sparkle said she was chilly, which I think may have been understating, because I in my jeans and long shirt was shivering a lot.  I was also physically very tired, because it is *much* harder to haul Sparkle with me, extra pedaling power or not than it is go go it alone.

But it is much sweeter to go with my sweet girl, and hear her burble happily behind me.  And we made chocolate chip cookies. 

Dino comes home from Band contests soon, after having marched in the Arts in the Alley parade this morning.
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2011-09-13 08:38 pm
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Ride 63: Bats and Cats and Nerf or Nothing.

Read more... )
Actual start:
Today was a busy parenting day:  help homework, pick up the kiddo from band practice, go to Sparkle's Open House to meet her current and future teachers, medicine pickup at the store, and by Goodness!  A bike ride.

<cut goes *here*>

The curve under the trees was dark, but it lightened up just past it.  I miss the fireflies.  Clouds came on the west sky as I parked my bike in the garage, and then it was night time.  Made it under the wire!

I am *so* frustrated that LJ won't "cut" my cut tags right any more!  It puts the cuts at the top, and I cannot move my uncut words back up over them, and frustrated Judi is frustrated!

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2011-09-12 06:51 pm
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Ride 62: Brought to You by the Movie UP, and Other Pixar Classics

I wanted a bike ride.  The boys needed transportation to Boy Scouts.  My darling husband suggested that he take the boys for their ride, and I could take Sparkle on mine.

We pulled in as my dh and the boys pulled out, and they boys said they were looking forward to cookies when they returned.
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2011-09-11 04:42 pm
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Ride 61: Back in the Saddle Again

Fall is brown and dry this year. )
It being a lovely day, cool and breezy, I took the opportunity to ride on out on the boys' yellow bike, Sparkle being more interested in the swings outside and LEGO Star Wars inside.

I'm a bit achy in my calves.  It's been too long between my last few rides.  Still, all the same, I was able to go to the second road and back pretty easily.
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2011-09-07 05:09 pm
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It rains.

It continues to rain.  No bike for me today.  I did go to a band fitting, and will go to a high school Open House, and totally amaze the high school teachers who have to stay late for Open House, where usually parents don't show.